Basic information about the company ASC

We specialise in furniture production.  Our firm has a long history and its establishment dates back to the beginning of this century.  We have been producing various types of furniture ever since.  Our main production facilities are located in Tabor, a town in the south of Bohemia, employing about a sixty of employees.
We make mainly good quality office furniture and kitchen within very reasonable and competitive prices.  Its variety is very wide offering over a hundred of different types of furniture in various colours and shades.  Our products are made of quality wood or laminated chipboard.
We are also producing furniture of customer design aseptically for our customers in overseas – Germany, Scandinavia, Austria and for DIY chains (as kitchen furniture, students furniture and large amount of different solitaries as home offices, TV and audio tables, shelves, bookcases etc.) Their prices are very agreeable.  As far as its quality is concerned, it is very good and satisfying.
Our production of school furniture is mainly oriented for export to Scandinavia and partly for domestic market. We are producing school chairs (combination of steel and plywood) in many different execution and sizes and school desk also in few models.
Furthermore, our company specialises in production of customer-designed interiors.  It represents a co-operation with our customers and meeting their specific needs.  This production is based on teamwork with our designers in accordance with investors’ requirements.  We are able to equip any type of interior in very favourable prices. We are well experienced in equipping of office buildings, production factories, hotels, pensions, libraries senior houses etc.
Our advantage is very good quality of our made furniture and very reasonable pricing.
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